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Mary Wroth's Poetry: An Electronic Edition

Wroth Poem - F113 - Oft did I wounder why the ſweets of Loue

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Oft did I wounder why the ſweets of Loue
    were counted paines, sharp wounds, and cruell ſmarts
    till one blow ſent from heaunly face prou'd darts
    enough to make thoſe deem'd=ſweets bitter proue,

One shaft did force my best strength to remoue,
    and armies brought of thoughts, wch thought imparts,
    one shaft ſoe spent may conquer courts of harts
    one shott butt dubly ſent my sprite did moue:

Tow sparckling eyes were gainers of my loſs
    while loue=begetting lips theyr gaine did croſs,
    and chaleng'd haulf of my hart=master'd priſe,

Itt humbly did confeſs they wan the field,
    yett equall was theyr force, ſoe did itt yeeld
    equally still to ſerue thoſe lips, and eyes;

Sonnet 13 9 ('Of did I wonder')

Oft did I wounder why the sweets of love
    Were counted pains, sharp wounds, and cruel smarts,
    Till one blow sent from heavenly face proved darts
    Enough to make those deemed sweets bitter prove.

One shaft* did force my best strength to remove,
    And armies brought of thoughts, which thought imparts,
    One shaft so spent may conquer courts of hearts,
    One shot but doubly sent my spirit* did move.

Two sparkling eyes were gainers of my loss,
    While love-begetting lips their gain did cross,
    And challenged half of my heart-mastered prize,

It humbly did confess they won the field,
    Yet equal was their force, so did it yield
    Equally still to serve those lips, and eyes.

This sonnet is only in the Folger manuscript [F].

    One shaft: that is, an arrow from Cupid's bow.
    spirit: Wroth writes 'sprite' as she does in most instances for spirit.

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