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Mary Wroth's Poetry: An Electronic Edition

Wroth Poem - F111 - Vnquiet griefe ſearch farder, in my hart

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Sonett .

Vnquiet griefe ſearch farder, in my hart
    if place bee found wch thou hast nott poſsest
    or ſoe much space can build hopes ſmalest nest
    take itt from mee, I ame the lodg of ſmart,

Despaire, dispaire hath vſ'd the skilfulst art
    to ruin hope, and murder eaſfull rest,
    O mee, dispaire my vine of hope hath prest
    rauisht the grapes the leaues left for my part:

Yett ruler griefe, nor thou dispaire deny
    this last request, proclaime t'was nott ſuspect
        grafted this bud of ſorrow in my brest

Butt knowledg dayly doth my loſs deſcry
    colde loue's now maskd wt care; chang wt respect
        When true flames liu'd thes faulse fires were ſupprest;

Sonnet 11 ('Unquiet grief')

Unquiet grief search farther in my heart
    If place be found which thou hast not possessed,
    Or so much space can build hope's smallest nest,
    Take it from me, I am* the lodge of smart,

Despair, despair hath used the skilfullest art
    To ruin hope, and murder easeful rest,
    O me, despair my vine of hope hath pressed,
    Ravished the grapes, the leaves left for my part.

Yet ruler grief, nor thou despair deny
    This last request, proclaim* 'twas not suspect*
    Grafted this bud of sorrow in my breast,

But knowledge daily doth my loss descry,
    Cold love's now masked* with care, change with respect,
    When true flames lived these false fires were suppressed.

In U this powerful sonnet is reluctantly read by Pamphilia to Meriana when Meriana begs to hear some of her poetry (fol. 392).

'from me, I am' = ' 'tis thine, mine is' in U.
'proclaim' = 'proclaims' in U.
suspect: ie suspicion.
'masked' = matched' in U.

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