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Mary Wroth's Poetry: An Electronic Edition

Wroth Poem - F77 - The birds doe ſing, day doth apeere

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The birds doe ſing, day doth apeere
ariſe, ariſe my only deere,
greete this faire morne wth thy faire eyes
wher farr more loue, and brightnes lies

All this long night noe sleepe, nor rest
my loue comanded ſoule poſsest
butt wachfully the time did marck
to ſee thoſe starrs riſe in the darck,

Ariſe then now, and lett thoſe lights
take Pheabus place as theyr due rights
for when they doe together shine
the greater light is still held thine,

Then wth thoſe eyes inrich thy loue
from whoſe deere beames my ioye doth moue
shine wth delight on my ſad hart;
and grace the prize wun by theyr dart

Song. ('The birds do sing')

The birds do sing, day doth appear,
    Arise, arise my only dear,
    Greet this faire morn with thy fair eyes
    Where far more love, and brightness lies.

All this long night no sleep, nor rest
    My love-commanded soul possessed,
    But watchfully the time did mark
    To see those stars rise in the dark.

Arise then now, and let those lights
    Take Pheobus' place as their due rights,
    For when they do together shine
    The greater light is still held thine.

Then with those eyes enrich thy love
    From whose dear beams my joy doth move,
    Shine with delight on my sad heart;
    And grace the prize won by their dart.

This song is omitted from P. It does in some respects seem separate from the general sequence, although thematically it fits with the songs that surround it.

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