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Mary Wroth's Poetry: An Electronic Edition

Wroth Poem - F4 - Venus vnto the Gods a ſute did moue

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Venus vnto the Gods a ſute did moue,
    that ſince she was of loue the godeſs stil'd
    she only might the pouer haue of loue,
    and nott as now a partner wth her child,

The cauſe to this wch stird the Godeſs milde
    was that of late her ſeruant faulse did proue
    hurt as she ſayd afresh by Cupide wilde,
    and to a Nimph his paſsions did remoue;

Or els that they would eyes vnto him giue
    that hee might ſee, how hee his shafts did driue؛
    this they deny'd: For if hee blind did ill

What would hee ſeeing? Butt thus much they did
    to shoote wthout her leaue they him forbid
    hee this obſeru'd, and ſince obays her will.

Venus* unto the Gods a suit did move,
    That since she was of love the goddess styled,
    She only might the power have of love,
    And not as now a partner with her child,

The cause to this which stirred the Goddess mild
    Was that of late her servant false did prove
    Hurt as she said afresh by Cupid wild,
    And to a Nymph his passions did remove;

Or else that they would eyes unto him give
    That he might see, how he his shafts did drive,
    This they denied: For if he blind did ill,
    What would he seeing? But thus much they did

To shoot without her leave they him forbid
    He this observed, and since obeys her will.

This sonnet only appears in F and was dropped from P.

Venus: Wroth made extensive use of Venus and Cupid in her pastoral play Love's Victory, as well as throughout her poetry.

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