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Mary Wroth's Poetry: An Electronic Edition

Wroth index of Poems

Folger Image Folger Transcription Folger Modernisation PA Transcription PA Modernisation Urania Transcription Urania Modernisation Jo Roberts
F1   When nights black mantle could most darknes proue
F1mod P1 P1mod P1
F2   Deare eyes how well (indeed) you doe adorne
F2mod P2 P2mod P2
F3   Yett is ther hope: Then Loue butt play thy part
F3mod P3 P3mod P3
F4   Venus vnto the Gods a ſute did moue
F4mod F1
F5   Can pleaſing ſight, misfortune euer bring?
F5mod P5 P5mod P5
F6   O striue nott still to heape diſdaine on mee
F6mod P6 P6mod P6
F7   The spring now come att last
F7mod P7 P7mod P7
F8   Loue leaue to vrge, thou know'st thou hast yr hand
F8mod P8 P8mod P8
F9   Led by the powre of griefe, to waylings brought
F9mod P9 P9mod P9
F10   Bee you all pleaſ'd; your pleaſures grieue nott mee
F10mod P10 P10mod P10
F11   The weary traueller who tired ſought
F11mod P11 P11mod P11
F12   You endleſs torments that my rest opreſs
F12mod P12 P12mod P12
F13   Cloy'd wth the torments of a tedious night
F13mod P13 P13mod P13
F14   All night I weepe, all day I cry, Ay mee
F14mod P14 P14mod P14
F15   Deare famish nott what you your ſelf gaue food
F15mod P15 P15mod P15
F16   Am I thus conquer'd? haue I lost the powers
F16mod P16 P16mod P16
F17   Loue like a jugler, comes to play his priſe
F17mod P64 P64mod P64
F18   My paine, still ſmother'd in my grieued brest
F18mod P68 P68mod P68
F19   Poore Loue in chaines, and fetters, like a thiefe
F19mod P70 P70mod P70
F20   Wch should I better like of, day, or night
F20mod P20 P20mod P20
F21   Stay, my thoughts, do nott aſpire
F21mod P21 P21mod P21
F22   Come darkest night, beecoming ſorrow best
F22mod P22 P22mod P22
F23   The Sunn wch glads, the earth att his bright ſight
F23mod P23 P23mod P23
F24   When I last ſaw thee, I did nott thee ſee
F24mod P24 P24mod P24
F25   Cupid would needs make mee a louer bee
F26   When euery one to pleaſing pastime hies
F26mod P26 P26mod P26
F27   Once did I heere an aged father ſay
F27mod P27 P27mod P27
F28   Sweetest loue returne againe
F28mod P28 P28mod P28
F29   Poore eyes bee blind, the light behold noe more
F29mod P29 P29mod P29
F30   Most bleſsed Night, the happy time for loue
F30mod P65 P65mod P65
F31   Fy treacherous Hope, why doe you still rebell?
F31mod P31 P31mod P31
F32   Griefe, killing griefe; haue nott my torments bin
F32mod P32 P32mod P32
F33   Fly hence o!, ioy noe longer heere abide
F33mod P33 P33mod P33
F34   You bleſsed shades, wch giue mee ſilent rest
F34mod P34 P34mod P34
F35   Time only cauſe of my vnrest
F35mod P35 P35mod P35
F36   After long trouble in a tædious way
F36mod P36 P36mod P36
F37   How fast thou fliest, O Time, on loues ſwift wings
F37mod P37 P37mod P37
F38   How many eyes hast thou poore Loue to guard
F38mod P38 P38mod P38
F39   Take heed mine eyes, how you yor lookes doe cast
F39mod P39 P39mod P39
F40   My hart is lost, what can I now expect
F40mod P95 P95mod P95
F41   Iuno still iealouſe of her husband Ioue
F41mod P97 P97mod P97
F42   Yor happy, bleſsed eyes
F42mod P42 P42mod P42
F43   Night, welcome art thou to my mind destrest
F43mod P43 P43mod P43
F44   What pleaſure can a bannish'd creature haue
F44mod P44 P44mod P44
F45   Iff I were giu'n to mirthe 't'wowld bee more croſs
F45mod P45 P45mod P45
F46   Itt is nott loue which you poore fooles do deeme
F46mod P46 P46mod P46
F47   Late in the Forest I did Cupid ſee
F47mod P96 P96mod P96
F48   If euer loue had force in humaine breſt?
F48mod P48 P48mod P48
F49   Sorrow, I yeeld, and greiue that I did miſs
F49mod P49 P49mod P49
F50   O dearest eyes the lights, and guids of loue
F50mod P50 P50mod P50
F51   How fast thou hast'st (o spring) wt ſwiftest speed
F51mod P51 P51mod P51
F52   Good now bee still, and doe nott mee torment
F52mod P52 P52mod P52
F53   Loue, thou hast all, for now thou hast mee made
F53mod P53 P53mod P53
F54   O stay mine eyes, shed nott thes fruitles teares
F54mod P54 P54mod P54
F55   How like a fire doth loue increaſe in mee
F55mod P55 P55mod P55
F56   Lett griefe as farr bee from your deerest brest
F56mod P56 P56mod P56
F57   O mee the time is come to part
F57mod P57 P57mod P57
F58   Gon is my ioy while heere I burne
F58mod U18 U18mod U18
F59   Say Venus how long haue I lou'd, and ſeru'd you heere
F59mod P58 P58mod P58
F60   I, that ame of all most crost
F60mod P59 P59mod P59
F61   Loue as well can make abiding
F61mod P60 P60mod P60
F62   Deerest if I by my deſeruing
F62mod P61 P61mod P61
F63   Who can blame mee if I loue
F63mod U14 U14mod U14
F64   Fairest, and still truest eyes
F64mod P62 P62mod P62
F65   Deare how doe thy wining eyes
F65mod U12 U12mod U12
F66   In night yett may wee ſee ſome kind of light
F66mod P63 P63mod P63
F67   Truly poore Night thou wellcome art to mee
F67mod P17 P17mod P17
F68   Deare cherish this, and wth itt my ſoules will
F68mod P30 P30mod P30
F69   Cruell ſuspition, O! bee now att rest
F69mod P66 P66mod P66
F70   How many nights haue I wt paine indur'd
F70mod P67 P67mod P67
F71   Sleepe fy poſseſs mee nott, nor doe nott fright
F71mod P18 P18mod P18
F72   An end fond iealouſie alas I know
F72mod P69 P69mod P69
F73   Sweet shades why doe you ſeeke to giue delight
F73mod P19 P19mod P19
F74   Pray doe nott vſe thes words I must bee gone
F74mod P71 P71mod P71
F75   Like to the Indians, ſcorched wth the ſunne
F75mod P25 P25mod P25
F76   The springing time of my first louing
F76mod P73 P73mod P73
F77   The birds doe ſing, day doth apeere
F77mod F2
F78   Loue a child is euer criing
F78mod P74 P74mod P74
F79   Beeing past the paines of loue
F79mod P75 P75mod P75
F80   Loue what art thou? A vaine thought
F80mod U13 U13mod U13
F81   O pardon, Cupid I confeſs my fault
F81mod P76 P76mod P76
F82   In this strang labourinth how shall I turne?
F82mod P77 P77mod P77
F83   Is to leaue all, and take the thread of loue
F83mod P78 P78mod P78
F84   His flames ar ioyes, his bands true louers might
F84mod P79 P79mod P79
F85   And bee in his braue court a gloriouſe light
F85mod P80 P80mod P80
F86   And burne, yett burning you will loue the ſmart
F86mod P81 P81mod P81
F87   Hee may owr Profitt, and our Tuter proue
F87mod P82 P82mod P82
F88   How blest bee they then, who his fauors proue
F88mod P83 P83mod P83
F89   Hee that shunns loue doth loue him ſelf the leſs
F89mod P84 P84mod P84
F90   Butt wher they may returne wt honors grace
F90mod P85 P85mod P85
F91   Bee from the court of Loue, and reaſon torne
F91mod P86 P86mod P86
F92   Vnprofitably pleaſing, and vnſound
F92mod P87 P87mod P87
F93   Bee giuen to him who triumphs in his right
F93mod P88 P88mod P88
F94   Free from all fogs butt shining faire, and cleere
F94mod P89 P89mod P89
F95   Except my hart wch you beestow'd before
F95mod P90 P90mod P90
F96   Eyes, can you tell mee wher my hart remaines?
F96mod F3
F97   Sweet lett mee inioye thy ſight
F97mod P91 P91mod P91
F98   Sweet Siluia in a shadie wood
F98mod P92 P92mod P92
F99   Come merry spring delight vs
F99mod P93 P93mod P93
F100   O! that I might but now as ſenceles bee
F100mod U34 U34mod U34
F101   Louers learne to speake butt truthe
F101mod P94 P94mod P94
F102   Faulce hope wch feeds butt to destroy, and spill
F102mod P40 P40mod P40
F103   You bleſsed starrs wch doe heauns glory show
F103mod P47 P47mod P47
F104   How well poore hart thou wittnes canst I loue
F104mod P41 P41mod P41
F105   When I beeheld the Image of my deere
F105mod P98 P98mod P98
F106   Like to huge clowds of ſmoke wch well may hide
F106mod P99 P99mod P99
F107   O! that noe day would euer more appeere
F107mod P100 P100mod P100
F108   No time, noe roome, noe thought, nor writing can
F108mod P101 P101mod P101
F109   How gloewoorme like the ſunn doth now apeere
F109mod P102 P102mod P102
F110   My muſe now hapy, lay thy ſelf to rest
F110mod P103 P103mod P103
F111   Vnquiet griefe ſearch farder, in my hart
F112   Can the lou'd Image of thy deerest face
F112mod F4
F113   Oft did I wounder why the ſweets of Loue
F113mod F5
F114   A sheapherd who noe care did take
F114mod U52 U52mod U52
F115   Flye traiter ioye whoſe end brings butt dispaire
F115mod F6
F116   How did I find my paines extreamest anguish
F116mod U17 U17mod U17
F117   I, who doe feele the highest part of griefe
F117mod U24 U24mod U24
    P4 P4mod P4
    P72 P72mod P72


Code Notes
Folger Image Images of poems in the Folger Manuscript.
Folger Transcriptions Poems in the Folger manuscript. As it has many more poems than P, this has been chosen as the master list on this website. Coded F.
Folger Modernisation Modernised language version of Folger transcription. Notes are given with this version. Coded Fmod.
PA Transcription Poems in the "Pamphilia to Amphilathus" sequence at the end of Urania Part One (our numbering matches Jo Roberts). Coded P.
PA Modernisation Modernised language version of PA transcription. Notes are given with this version. Coded Pmod.
Urania Transcription Poems which are scattered throughout the Urania Part One narrative. Coded U.
Urania Modernisation Modernised language version of Urania transcriptions poems. Notes are given with this version. Coded Umod.
Jo Roberts Shows the equivalent Jo Roberts number.

The Editorial Notes page has additional details.

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